1972-S SB Trail Die 402.1

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1972-S SB Trail Die 402.1

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Discovered on a Generation 2 ANACS holder - 1972-S MS 67 SB - Trail Die 402.1 with all the markers. I've included 2 obverse and 2 reverse attachments. No. 1 show the spikes emanating from the left side of the S and T of TRUST. The photo is titled to reduce the glare. No. 2 show the die crack in hair below E in LIBERTY. No. 3 shows the moon shadow below the 5th star. And, No. 4 show the extra lunar lines above the lower moon next to the eagle's right leg. The extra lunar lines are not as distinct in the photo as I would have hoped.

Double J
1972-S Trail Die 402.1 S T.jpg
1972-S Hair Die Crack Below E.jpg
1972-S Moon Shadow Below 5th Star.jpg
1972-S Extra Lunar Lines.jpg
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Re: 1972-S SB Trail Die 402.1

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Great find! :D
Not an easy find. Even tougher to find in the proof version! :shock:

Happy Hunting!

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