71-D DDO-001/DDR-001 IS AN FEV!

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71-D DDO-001/DDR-001 IS AN FEV!

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John Robers recently attributed a 71-D FEV 1/1 for me and doing his usual thorough job determined that the obverse of my FEV shared a distinct marker present on Wexler's photos of his DDO-001, telling us that his 1/1 was likely also an FEV that was missed. How cool is this! No fine, no blame, nobody knew of the FEV when Wexler wrote his book and I believe his co-authors may have submitted some of the photos for publication so Wexler may have never seen the photographed FEV. Rob
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Re: 71-D DDO-001/DDR-001 IS AN FEV!

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Hi RoB,
Need photos PLEASE! :P

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